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這個課程的目標是讓您透過一步步帶領的實作,織出丹麥設計品牌PetiteKnit的Sophie Scarf蘇菲圍巾,並在過程中學習相關編織英文的發音和針法,尤其是各種編織字彙用語的發音:看一位教學者的針法示範,您能學會一種方法,但如果學會了那個針法的英文字彙和發音,您就能利用網路上無窮盡的編織示範影片(大多數是英文發音),去找出最適合自己的方法。至少,我自己就是這樣學會編織的。

本課程影片為事先預錄,預計將於一個月內全部釋出。全部課程發音均以中文(國語、普通話)為主、英文為輔,課程摘要字幕為繁體中文與英文並用。 若是您時間較充裕/編織速度較快,那麼您可以自行往下織,立刻測試自己的學習成果,也可以複習一下教過的字彙與用語,試著自己讀讀看、寫寫看,這對於語言學習非常有幫助。如果您的時間不多/編織速度較慢,那麼也可以照著自己的步調進行。



The aim of this course is to guide you through EVERY step in knitting PetiteKnit's design Sophie Scarf, a versatile garter stitch scarf pattern . During this course, you would learn relevant knitting English and stitches. Pronunciation will be a focus of this course. Stitch techniques may vary among knitting instructors, so if you can grasp the pronunciation , you will have access to plenty of knitting videos.

The course is pre-recorded, and will be released gradually within a month. The course is conducted in Mandarin, with English and Traditional Chinese subtitles when necessary. You are encouraged to follow the course at your own learning pace.

The course content does NOT include English knitting pattern. You can buy it directly from PetiteKnit (links available in Course Introduction).

Please note you'll need to provide purchasing proof to join this course. (Receipt uploading required). There will be an authorised Chinese translation available in the course.

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Jy Chao
Jy Chao



2017年底成立「編織英文 Knitting in English」粉絲頁,目的在於推廣英文編織。


2019年發行「編織英文電子報」(Knitting in English newsletter),期許能以較長篇幅的文章深入探討各種編織主題。


2021年 編織英文教室網站上線,整合歷年課程、線民頻道、一對一諮詢等,期許能提供中文母語人士更全面的編織英文服務。

2022年升級 編織英文教室網站,開始提供課程結業證書,幫助學員更清楚地記錄學習歷程。

Course Curriculum


  • 線材自由:素色混色、單股雙股、細線粗線,隨您發揮。
  • 款式經典:可長可短、可寬可窄,適合各種年齡層及服裝搭配。

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish? 課程的進行時間是何時?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. 線上編織英文教室,線上影片課程,不需舟車勞頓,不限觀看時間,永久有效。
Is there any course requirement or prerequisite? 誰適合參加本課程?
You should be familiar with knit and purl. You can find your own seat on train or plane (e.g. 15D or 7E) without difficulty. 知道何謂棒針,織過下針(knit)、上針(purl)即可參加,沒織過衣服也可以。有英文基礎(認識26個英文字母,在飛機或高鐵上能自己順利找到座位15K在哪裡),願意學習新單字;看到單字似懂非懂不會唸的人更適合。
What if I am unhappy with the course? 購買課程後是否可以退款?
This course is not refundable. Please make good use of free preview lectures and course outlines to plan your own active learning journey! 本課程售出後無法退換,請善用免費預覽內容及課程大綱,積極規劃屬於自己的學習歷程。
Does the course fee include materials? 課程費用是否包含工具?
All courses DO NOT include yarn or knitting tools. (Because I don't sell them!) Please prepare your own tools and yarns. Some courses include patterns for downloading (authorised Chinese translations). Please read individual introduction for further information. 不含線材及工具,請依個人喜好自行準備。某些課程內提供專屬授權中譯織圖,請詳閱各課程介紹。
I don't speak English. Can I join this course? 我完全不會英文,可以參加這堂課嗎?
Watch FREE preview lectures and decide for yourself! If you can learn something from previews, then yes. Otherwise, no. 請善用試看免費內容,看得懂即可參加,看不懂則不適合。
I don't know how to surf the Internet. Can I join this course? 我不會上網,可以參加這堂課嗎?
This is an ONLINE course which requires participants to actively engage with the Internet by themselves. You need to have basic network literacy. Otherwise this course is not for you. 本課程為線上課程,參加者需有基本網路素養,能自行上網註冊教室網站,自行購買英文織圖,否則本課程並不適合。

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